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 Ridiculousz <Departed> Ninjas Death's Choice

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Ridiculousz <Departed> Ninjas Death's Choice Empty
PostSubject: Ridiculousz <Departed> Ninjas Death's Choice   Ridiculousz <Departed> Ninjas Death's Choice EmptyFri Apr 02, 2010 5:32 pm

Members of Departed in the raid (6):

If you note the text in the first two screens you can see the guild was obviously up for taking loot. Shaftlust said the raid leader should get the trinket, while Celes gave a "WOW" when it was taken. I'm sure if reign dropped off anub it would have been taken too. But the guild tried to save face by saying:

However not a half hour after being gkicked, Ridiculousz was back in the guild, dueling in Durotar with his guildies.

Let it be known that I have nothing personal against this player or this guild, and being on my caster I really didn't care about the ninja anyway, but I still do not advise anyone to run with this player or his guild for that matter.

The irony here is that he ninjad it on April Fools and so his armory will pop up saying ,"Ninja'd [Death's Choice]." To add insult to injury, the guy who won the roll had rolled 100; April Fools on him! >.<

Orginally posted by Lionhearth < Demise of the Allies > Black Dragonflight on the Wow BDF forums
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Ridiculousz <Departed> Ninjas Death's Choice
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