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 Jeffurious the warlock

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PostSubject: Jeffurious the warlock   Jeffurious the warlock EmptyFri Apr 02, 2010 5:34 pm

For those of you who cares to know about who ninja's on the server so you know what raids to avoid, seems subpar is now on the list. Did a Patchwerk weekly with a lock named Jeffurious, ninja'ed both items and left. I know its just Naxx and these are essentially Abyss Crystals, but in a way that makes it worse. I mean if someone is willing to ruin their reputation over something so trivial they will surely do it with something more worthwhile. SS follows:

When I went to contact someone in their guild to let them know what happened, was told they didn't care what their guildies did in pugs and that they don't mind if they ninja in pug groups. SS of that also follows:

originally posted by Lilkitten < Expletus > Black Dragonflight on the WOW BDF forums
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Jeffurious the warlock
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